• Sources of Inspiration: animals, fashion and street-, urban- popart, her loved-ones.
  • Techniques: watercolour, acrylic, ink, spray cans.
  • BatDog stands for the special connection between Human and Animal.
  • Human & Animal, basically we all belong to the animal kingdom, everyone deserves an equal treatment.
  • Art Giclee Prints, limited edition, available at MARKITA.NL, take a look at, all with signature at the back.
  • The Art Giclee print is produced by a professional photo lab, the colours are of high quality (Gallery-, Museum Proof).   
  • Enhanced Matte Paper 200g, Epson (available in A3 and A4)
  • Interest in the original Artworks? or Expo  Regularly, there are exhibitions, so stay tuned or Follow BatDog at Social Media.
  • Whatsapp/ Call BatDog: (++31 (0)6 212 86 911